-A woman is like a tea bag- you don't know how strong she is until she's in hot water. 

Double Cup Tea is the steamy dream of a feminist tea lover intent on "bringing sexy back" to tea. Far gone are the days of stiff Victorian restraint, let the 1950s housewife toil in the kitchen, it's time we serve ourselves. Starting with two heaping cups of self love: One part artistry, one part activism. 


Artist/Seamstress Anna Wolfe has been pricking her fingers on sewing needles since she was seven, and happily sipping tea since 2008. Her idea is to combine her two passions (embroidery & tea) to promote women's health, as a part of the body positive movement.


Interested in teas as diverse, bold, and complex as the women who drink them, The Double Cup Tea blog is a space for project development: sharing techniques, imagery, and resources to promote sustainable practices in the tea industry and to cultivate a community of thoughtful tea-drinkers. 


Project & images property of Anna Wolfe except where special credits are mentioned. Logo design by Evyn Fong